What we do

What we do According to this idea and devotion, we then set up an Educational Society in the name and status of SHINE GROUP with a clear determination to bring up the school drop outs and left behind people with proper training to cope up with the competitive world for the self employment and suitable placement in the industry. With long managerial experience we have selected the right courses with the best category faculty in the sector like RETAIL/BANKING/IT/MEDICAL AND NURSING etc so that the successful candidate is rightly placed. The MES registration is also taken considering the more scope & development for the self employment of the local people. We are looking for NIESBUD, PBSSDC, PMKVY(Govt.Educational Project).

Social Responsibility

Apart from conducting vocational training and placement, we are responsible to the society for various welfare activities like Distribution of Pens, Books and Blankets etc. to poor students. By doing so we uplift the backward class students and perform for a social cause. Our main aim is also to establish and develop the School drop outs, backwards & minorities in our society by providing them Training and Placement.

Our Vision

In a civilized society each and every people has the right to develop their life style by earning wealth with honest and sincere effort. Only when we can say that a society is properly civilized. Education is the key factor by which we can achieve and build this dream society. Since education also needs a support from the training for the proper implementation of the learning for the achievement. By making people efficient in work place with proper delivery of education and training is our vision, especially for minority's class of such, they can be well established in this society with all together.

Our Mission

Our mission is driven by the vision of our respected Secretary and founder of the society who dream that a day will come soon when all our known and neighbor will be educated and placed in the society with proper name and fame and each of us shall see others with the equal respect and honor.